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Title I Information

Cherokee Elementary School Title I Program

Cherokee Elementary School

Title I Program

2023-2024 Total Budget $199,681.58

  • Personnel $172,529.93

    • Dusty Watts

    • Lauri Richmond

    • Vicki Kimball

  • Instructional supplies $    23,901.65

  • Professional Development $      3,500.00


Cherokee receives the support of federal funding through the Title I program to assist in reaching our school-wide improvement goals.  As detailed above, these funds are instrumental in maintaining the high level of performance experienced by Cherokee.  One of the primary usages of these funds is to provide personnel for our RTI program.  RTI (Response To Intervention) is a program within the school that assesses every student three (3) times per year to determine if they are in need of support.  Those students who fall below the 25th percentile are potentially provided additional support in their identified deficit area.  Additionally, students who do not make satisfactory progress in the program may be recommended for special education services.

One of the strategies we have at Cherokee is to offer parents and other stakeholders the opportunity to provide meaningful input.  We want all of our parents to be integral pieces in their child’s education and be continuously involved in the decision making process.  With that in mind, you are encouraged to be actively engaged at Cherokee through participation in the PTA, providing feedback by phone or email, or other ways you may find beneficial.  If you would like a copy of the 2023-2024 parent engagement plan, you may request one at the school office.


Cherokee Elementary

Title I Meeting Information

  1. School Curriculum for ELA and Math

    1. ELA

      1. K-2- HMH Into Reading

      2. 3-4- Benchmark

      3. Supplemental materials are used by classroom teachers to enhance instruction as determined by individual teachers

    2. Math

      1. K-5- SAVVAS Math

    3. Assessments

      1. District Checkpoints

        1. Illuminate assessment three times each year

      2. RTI2

      3. TNReady

  1. Parent and Family Engagement Policy

    1. The current policy may be found at  Please review the policy and offer any feedback you may have to consider for improvements.

  1. School-Parent Compact

The current compact may be found at  Please review the policy and offer any feedback you may have to consider for improvements.



Last Updated: October 19, 2020